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   The World of Arthos is about to get a lot bigger! We are now proudly announcing the boxed set for the Storms of War RPG system. 3 Hardcover books, an optional rules primer, over a dozen maps and battlemaps, and an original gaming screen with pockets for whatever references you need all in a boxed set reminiscent of the old school 2nd Edition RPG boxed sets but updated for 5th edition rules.

        Want to meet Mr. Tenace in person? Find him in the following places in the upcoming weeks. He will be signing copies of The Andarian Prophecy and discussing his upcoming plans for Onyx Crown, the Storms of War trilogy, and his newest edition to he universe: the Arthos campaign setting. 

    Brian's new 5E compatible RPG, complete with monster manual and a level 1-10 campaign. Arthos: Storms of War is available now. The module follows heroes as they fight a new menace that threatens the Eastern Runlarian archipelago. Do you have what it takes to stop the newest monsters being tested by Axarean forces against the Northern Realms?

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