Fan Art

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Sko'port at dawn

Artist's rendition of Sko'Port at dawn. Small sailing vessels on their way out to fish the waters of the Sko'Sea.

Lightning over Old Castle

Arthur looks out across the Old Castle prison just before a thunderstorm strikes the city.

Hevimug Meets the Hammer Maiden

The first rendition of the meeting between Hevimug and Rianas in the Andus Mire

Hevimug in the Andus Mire

Second rendition of the first meeting between Rianas Tanth and Hevimug in the Andus Mire

Seeking Cover

Rianas and Harbinas run for cover in the shelter of Lestenyal's wing. Battle for Gavala

Map of Andaria

This map of the Andarian region and its bordering nations is the basis of the Andarian Prophecy.